Rover C II New Edition (2009-2017)

November 30, 2017
This product has been updated. View the current product version: OKM Rover C4

Metal detectors of the Rover Series like the Rover C II New Edition are not only simple metal detectors with audio output. Moreover, they are able to create excellent three-dimensional graphics of the scanned underground. Due to the approved Single-Sensor-Technology, those detectors are perfectly applicable for detecting hidden objects.

The grave and tomb detector Rover C II is on the top of all Rover Series products in regard of functionality and performance. It is a combined detector including the features of the metal detector Rover C and the geoelectrical detector Cavefinder. Thus, it is used not only to search buried metals like treasures and boxes, but also to find hidden rooms, graves, tombs or other underground cavities.

New features of the redesigned New Edition of Rover C II

  • display backlight for search at night (on/off switchable)
    built-in LED spotlights to light up the soil surface in the dark (on/off switchable)
  • integrated auto reversal electronics to facilitate ground scanning process
  • doubled recording speed for rapid scanning on-site
  • simplified and optimized menu navigation and handling for starters and professionals with improved scan results
  • reduced weight and small size of main unit for comfortable long-term use
  • new lightweight small external Power Pack for longer working time and fast recharging
  • desert tan colored casing to prevent damages/overheating caused by insolation
  • wireless stereo headphones for noiseless metal detection surround sound
  • delivered with shock protective, waterproof Peli case incl. wheels and extendable handle for easy transportation

OKM Rover c II New edition with everything attached
Rover C II New Edition with electrodes: Cave detector Rover C II New Edition with connected geoelectrical electrodes for cavity detection.

Combination of geoelectricity and metal detection

Due to its combines functionality, this treasure hunting detector is specially interesting for archaeologists, cavity seekers and treasure hunters searching for tomb treasures or valuable antique objects inside tombs and graves or buried precious materials.

The treasure hunting metal detector Rover C II can be used for the following purposes:

  • general cavity detection
  • tomb detection
  • cemetary surveys or grave site investigations
  • localisation of grave chambers and included metallic objects
  • treasure hunting (research of buried treasures like boxes, chests, vases)
  • metal detection (gold, silver, ferrous metals, precious metals)
  • detection of sepulchral tumulus and barrow, Egyptian tombs, historical grave chambers
  • localisation of sarcophagus, reliquary caskets, crypts, treasure chambers, quest of the Grail
  • 3D ground mapping

The treasure hunting 3D metal detector Rover C II can be used inside old buildings or ruins to look for buried materials or voids underground as well as inside churches to search for crypts or hidden chambers, hallways or tunnels.

3D ground visualization

The Rover C II New Edition provides 3D ground mapping to visualize the scanned terrain and its buried metals or voids. In the software Visualizer 3D the treasure hunter or archaeologist is able to find out position, size and depth of located items.

These objects and structures can be detected with the treasure hunting metal detector Rover C II:

  • boxes and chests
  • gold and silver objects
  • grave chambers, sarcophaguses and tombs
  • bunkers, galleries, caves and tunnels

As a combination of two devices the metal and cave detector Rover C II offers a graphical ground scan and a geo-electrical measurement. When using the geoelectrical measurement, you can define a rectangular scan area by placing 4 electrodes inside the ground. By measuring the ground resistance and its variations it is possible to locate specially voids like empty rooms, tunnels or bunkers in high depths.

Rover C II New Edition with Super Sensor

Besides the standard probe for 3D ground scanning, the metal detector offers an additional high resolution Super Sensor. The combination with the professional software Visualizer 3D allows graphical measurements in high resolution, which offer valuable clues to the depth and size of located objects.

The Super Sensor is specialized to locate precious metals in high depth. It can find metal targets deeper than the standard probe. By using the Super Sensor and the Visualizer 3D software it is also possible to distinguish between ferrous and non-ferrous metals. This is specially important for treasure hunting. So treasure hunters can learn if there can be a treasure situated at this position or just an iron target and can decide if it is profitable to start digging at this place or not.

OKM Rover CII new edition operatet with Super Sensor
Rover C II New Edition with Super Sensor: Advanced treasure hunting with metal detector Rover C II with connected Super Sensor.

Functionality of the treasure detector Rover C II New Edition

  • Acoustical magnetometer
  • Graphical ground scans (manual/automatic) with standard probe and high resolution Super Sensor probe
  • 3D scans in memory or direct data transfer to PC (via Bluetooth)
  • geoelectrical measurement
  • discrimination of ferrous and non-ferrous metals with Super Sensor

A mini laptop with pre-installed 3D software and bluetooth technology is delivered with the new Rover C II. The device comes ready-to-use to start metal detecting and treasure hunting right away.

OKM Treasure Hunter analysing scans
Rover C II New Edition with Mini Laptop: Metal detecting and treasure hunting with Rover C II, standard probe and free preconfigured mini laptop.

Measurement data analysis via 3D software

Thanks to the integrated microprocessor technology ground balance, depth measurement and data storage will be performed automatically by the device. The evaluation of the measured data takes place at the computer where the scanned area can be analysed in a three-dimensional graphic with the help of the software Visualizer 3D.

OKM Software Visualizer 3D Studio
Rover C II New Edition with Visualizer 3D software: Graphical representation of a detected grave with Super Sensor

Affordable treasure hunting equipment – easy-to-learn and ready-to-use

Working with the Rover C II cave and metal detector is easy and can be learned in a short time. Also hobby treasure hunters and metal detectorists can use the device without any difficulties.

This powerful metal detector package with the minimum of weight and small baggage is the optimal equipment for outdoor treasure hunting needs.

This product has been updated. View the current product version: OKM Rover C4
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