Pulse Nova Introduction

March 31, 2021
YouTube Video

The OKM Pulse Nova is our compact Metal Detector. In this video we show you every corner of the Detctor, all of its key features and the different search coils the detector can be equipped. The Frame Coil Xi104 is the Coil with the largest range, it can detect things up to 310cm under the ground.

The Quest for Viking King Bluetooth's Lost Grave

The Quest for Viking King Bluetooth's Lost Grave

What connects the Viking king Harald Bluetooth and the Knights Templar? And what does Hollywood have to do with the ...
October 17, 2023
OKM CEO Stephan Grund live at a TV show

OKM Featured in TV Show Fernsehzimmer

This edition of the TV show with the charismatic host Daniel Ebert promises a fascinating look behind the scenes of ...
September 04, 2023
Roman Siliqua silver coin (Constantinus III 407-411) found with OKM detector Pulse Nova

Roman Siliqua Silver Coin Found with OKM's PI Detector

Treasure hunters detected with the OKM Pulse Nova this small Siliqua silver coin from the Roman Imperial period (Constantinus III ...
November 11, 2022