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Black Hawk metal detector finds a hoard of ancient coins

February 26, 2013

Wars of past centuries have left our forefathers no other choice as to bury their valuables like gold, silver, jewelery and other objects of great value, to hide them from enemies. Several weeks ago a treasure hunter in Turkey found some of those buried artifacts with the OKM pulse induction metal detector Black Hawk. His treasure trove contains several coins and ancient figures which were hidden in 0,5 meters depth.

Several ancient coins has been detected with OKM's pulse induction metal detector Black Hawk.

The iconography of some of the coins is still in good condition and shows the portrait of the former rulers with laurel wreath and aureole. The characteristics are an evidence of the time of the Roman Empire (27 B.C. - 476 A.D.) which extended from the past Roman nation above all Mediterranean provinces.

Some of the ancient coins are showing just letters.
Some other ancient coins are showing faces of people.