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Historic treasure with coins and goat figures detected in Iran

March 12, 2008

The 3D metal detector Rover Deluxe is very convenient for treasure hunters who are searching for coins, rings, jewelry and other precious artifacts made of gold and silver. A treasure hunter in Iran found antique coins and other artifacts like goat figures and horse bridles with his OKM metal detector Rover Deluxe.

Ancient coins has been detected with the 3D metal detector Rover Deluxe in Iran.
This is just one of the coins that were found with Rover Deluxe.

The coins could possibly be of Greek origin by all appearances. The owl was closely associated with 'Pallas Athene', the goddess of wisdom, and was assigned as her companion in ancient times. Therefore the owl was also mint onto Greek coins. The first coinage has been dated to 501 B.C. and came all along the way to contemporary Iran from the former Macedonia by Alexander the Great.

The owl as a characteristically motive for Greek coins, even on the Greek Euro today.
Goat Stick Iran W0 I359
Also this historic precious artifact was found with the Rover Deluxe metal detector.
Figure Iran Goat W0 I357
An ancient copper and bronze goat statue, located with the Rover Deluxe treasure detector.
Goat Figure Iran W0 I358
The Rover Deluxe is a 3D metal detector which is reliably able to detect buried objects under the ground surface.

During the treasure hunt several prehistoric artifacts including antique horse bridles and two copper goat figures has been detected with 3D metal detector Rover Deluxe. This type of horse snaffle bits were used by the nomads from Lorestan in 800 - 600 B.C. Lorestan is one of the oldest regions in Iran. For the Lurs horses and horse bridles were important in order to earn their livelihood.

This ancient horse bridle has been detected with the Rover Deluxe metal detector in Iran.
This bridle was used by the Lurs in 800-600 B.C.