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Brazilian Caxixi found with Evolution 3D Ground Scanner

January 14, 2012

A treasure hunter found this metal object with his Evolution 3D ground scanner, which is used for the search of precious metals like gold and silver. The hunter did not give any information about where the item was found, the possible age or the intended use of the artifact. Supposedly it's a sort of musical instrument, probably a double-rattle. There are similarities with a Brazilian percussion instrument called "caxixi" which is usually made of rattan. The treasure is made of two hollow pieces, each similar to an egg. They are connected with a curved metal handle. A seal on one of the "eggs" can be an indication that the cavity is maybe filled with little stones or beads. A band wrapped around the handle is probably added for better handling (bearing area for the thumb).

Brazil Caxixi W0 I348 
Brazilian Caxixi W0 I349