French Distributor and Detection Specialist visits OKM Germany

April 16, 2019

We recently welcomed our long-term trading partner Univers-Detection-Service (UDS) from France at the OKM headquarters in Germany. Omar Aissaoui traveled with expert support, metal detector specialist Bagdad Djillali Difallah, to Altenburg, Germany, to consolidate the business partnership and talk about recent and future projects.

Business talks and future projects
Business talks and future projects: A joint discussion about technical improvements and an outlook of recent and future projects consolidates the business partnership between UDS and OKM.
Sales Partner and Detection Specialist visit OKM
Sales Partner and Detection Specialist visit OKM: The eye-catching glass-pyramid is not only the headquarter and manufacture of OKM metal detectors, but also a popular photo background for sales partners and special guests.


More than 20 Years of Treasure Detection Expertise: UDS and OKM

The French distributor UDS and OKM as developer and manufacturer are both committed to metal detector technologies and equipment with passion. UDS distributes various types of detectors, closely follows the latest developments and supports its customers from purchase to practice.

For OKM it is essential to maintain intensive customer and dealer contacts in order to understand customer wishes and continuously improve technical support. In a joint discussion, individual requests for future treasure hunts were reviewed. A guided tour of the eye-catching pyramid rounded off the business talks and led perfectly over to the active part of the visit: Testing the latest metal detectors Rover C4 and eXp 6000.

Guided tour of OKM Germany
Guided tour of OKM Germany: Official sales partners and special guests get a guided tour of OKM Germany, the headquarters and manufacture in the pyramid in Altenburg, Germany.
Guided tour of OKM manufacture
Guided tour of OKM manufacture: The cutting-edge metal detectors are developed, produced and handcrafted at OKM in Altenburg, Germany.


Exploring the Metal Detectors Rover C4 and eXp 6000

The more divers the treasure hunters' intentions, the broader the range of OKM metal detectors. In order to get an impression of which device suits which application, the Rover C4 was presented: The ground scanner is able to detect hidden treasures, precious metals and cavities, and was especially developed to discover natural gold as simple as possible.

Metal detector Rover C4 presentation
Metal detector Rover C4 presentation: The presentation of the treasure and mineral gold detector Rover C4 gives an impression of which device and function suits which treasure hunter's intention.
Metal detector eXp 6000: Setting
Metal detector eXp 6000 Setting: Step 1 - individual adjustment of the treasure detector eXp 6000: language and layout settings as well as selection of desired function.

Omar Aissaoui and Bagdad Djillali Difallah have already had appreciable experience with the OKM ground scanner eXp 4000: The treasure detector simplifies the discovery of outstanding treasures and cavities such as the tomb of Alexander the Great. Both the eXp 4000 and the new generation - the eXp 6000 - are able to:

  • locate buried artifacts and historical items,
  • detect natural gold minerals and precious metals like gold, silver, copper and bronze and
  • discover hidden structures such as tombs, caves, historic settlements and chambers.
Metal detector eXp 6000: Test search
Metal detector eXp 6000 Test search: The specially designed area next to the manufacture invites customers and sales partners to test metal detectors. The test search quickly shows first measurement data.
Metal detector eXp 6000: Results
Metal detector eXp 6000 Results: Quick learning - easy handling - fast results: The testers detect hidden objects in the test field with the eXp 6000 very fast.

In fact, in contrast to the earlier generation OKM eXp 4000, the new metal detector and 3D ground scanner eXp 6000 was provided with additional features:

  • Live Stream Sensor visualizes measurements in real time
  • powerful processor enables larger and more accurate data measurements
  • display of data on Video eye glasses and tablet PC
  • Telescopic Probe replaces earlier probes and hence saves space
  • multilingual interface facilitates usage
  • ergonomic design offers more comfortable handling

Are you a distributor or prospective sales partner and eager to test the latest OKM detection technologies yourself? Visit the OKM manufacture in Germany, explore the product range and experience an effective training session!

Inspiring first-hand insights into treasure hunting

The OKM team appreciated the visit of Omar Aissaoui and Bagdad Djillali Difallah, who provided the opportunity to get first-hand insights into treasure hunting success stories: Mr. Difallah is not only a researcher, self-educated egyptologist and detection specialist, but also the discoverer of the lost tomb of Alexander the Great. It seems a long-term search is finally over“ and it was the OKM treasure detector eXp 4000 which facilitated this sensational find. Learn more about the discoverer Bagdad Djillali Difallah ( and his sensational discovery on YouTube. The story of the hidden grave of Alexander the Great will undoubtedly be continued and many more treasure finds will follow.

Are you treasure hunter, researcher or archaeologist? Be sure to take an OKM metal detector with you and share your experience with us!

Are you detector distributor and would like to become an official OKM sales partner? Send us your request and individual wishes!


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