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Main Toolbar

The Main Toolbar is situated directly underneath the Main Menu and contains the most important functions of the Visualizer 3D Studio software.

Location of Main Toolbar withing GUI of OKM Visualizer 3D Studio
Figure 1: Location of the Main Toolbar within the Graphical User Interface

The following table gives a short introduction of all available tool buttons.

Import Data Import
Click this button to import scan data from one of your OKM Detectors. Please read section Data Import to understand all details about importing data into Visualizer 3D Studio!
Open File
Click this button to read files from your harddisk for further analysis in Visualizer 3D Studio.
Save File Save
Click this button to store any changes, that you've made in your scan files, permanently on harddisk. Please read section Save Scan Files to learn more about all available save options!
Characteristics Characteristics
Use this function to add additional scan information (GPS coordinates, description, field length and width, soil type, etc.) to your scan file. Please read section Scan Information / Charactersitics to learn more details about this topic!
Export as PDF Report Export as PDF Report
Use this function to export your current screen view and all applied scan information as well-arranged PDF report. This is a helpful tool to provide customers and clients clean documentation of scan projects. Please read section Export as PDF Report to learn more about all available export options!
Toggle Tablet Mode Tablet Mode
The Tablet Mode is useful for outdoor use, when importing new scan data in the field. Then all import dialogs will be scaled to fullscreen.
Toggle Auto-Scale Auto-Scale
If Auto-Scale is enabled, any changes in Z-Scaling (e.g. caused by soil type changes) will keep the scan image within the viewport window.
Viewport Viewport
Use this function to switch between 3 pre-defined viewport designs (Full, Default and Quad).
Preferences Preferences
Click on Preferences to open up a settings dialog with many adjustable options as described in section Preferences and Settings.
Documentation / Help Documentation
Click this item to open the integrated context sensitive help (this documentation).
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