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Importing Scan Data from Detector

Before any analysis can be processed, you have to import your scan data from your OKM Metal Detector or 3D Ground Scanner into Visualizer 3D Studio.

The import process starts by clicking Toolbutton Import in the Main Toolbar or alternatively via Main Menu (File › Import). Then the Import Wizard appears which guides you through the rest of the import process.

This import process is dependent from your specific OKM Detector. Please refer to your device manual concerning any specific details.

Select Detector

First you have to select the proper OKM Detector from the list of all detectors. It might be possible that only your specific detector is available (depends on Visualizer 3D Studio license).

Software dialog to select metal detector from OKM
Figure 1: Import Dialog to select OKM Detector

When the detector has been selected, click on "Next" to proceed with the next step of the import process.

Depending on the type of detector the import process may vary according to its transfer method:

Fusion Light Quick Tutorial Data Transfer

Fusion Light Quick Tutorial Data Transfer

After your scans, you need to transfer your data from the Android smartphone to the Windows notebook
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