FS-Thermoscan (2007-2018)

30 أبريل 2018
This product has been updated. View the current OKM Cavity Detectors

FS-Thermoscan is a thermography and cavity detector to localize differences in temperatures of the environment. Thus, it can identify cold and warm areas of a field and allows to draw conclusions about hidden objects and structures.

FS-Thermoscan is a cavity detector by measuring differences in temperature and is applicable as a stand-alone device or can be connected to the ground scanners eXp 4000, eXp 5000 and eXp 4500. By connecting the device it is possible to receive 3D graphics of measured values.

Application options

FS-Thermoscan is used to

Comparison of FS-Thermoscan features

as standalone device
supplemental to eXp 4000/eXp 5000
Analog display
Digital display and diagrams
External power supply ✔ (+ via eXp 4000 / eXp 5000)
Display of differences in temperature
Detection of cavities
3D infrared image

Convincing features

The FS-Thermoscan convinces with its usability and compact design. The device creates high resolution 3D images of the underground by measuring the differences in temperature of the surface. Furthermore, the software allows to determine the dimensions of detected cavities.

The integrated laser pointer allows to pinpoint measurements. The device works contactless and therefore a field can also be researched from far distances. This is an important advantage if the area is not accessible to the searcher.

This product has been updated. View the current OKM Cavity Detectors

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