Top 11 Treasures yet to be Discovered

01 اكتوبر 2022

#1 Amber Room

Value: €125 to 200 million

The Amber Room was originally a gift from the Prussian King Frederick William to the Russian Tsar Peter the Great in 1716. From the legendary room, whose value is estimated at 125 to 200 million EUR, individual pieces of furnishings worth more than 2 million EUR were already stolen during the war.

Since 1945, the Amber Room is considered lost. Since then, there have been many assumptions and speculations. One fact is certain: After the theft from the Catherine Palace near Saint Petersburg, it was exhibited in the Königsberg Palace (Kaliningrad) from 1941. After a fire, the room was removed in 1944 and taken away in boxes - whether to the castle's cellars or out of Kaliningrad, to abandoned bunkers or mining tunnels in Germany, Poland or Lithuania is uncertain. There is also speculation whether the boxes sank aboard a submarine in the Baltic Sea.

#2 Yamashita's Gold

Value: €20 billion

Yamashita's treasure includes a large stash of gold bars, jewels and a Buddha statue weighing 1 ton, which is now worth €20 billion. The valuables are said to have been looted from countries in Southeast Asia during World War II. Yamashita is supposed to have buried the treasures in several secret locations in the Philippines before he was hanged for war crimes in 1946. Allegedly, the treasure is protected by water mines.

#3 Honjo Masamune Sword

Value: €720,000

The Honjo Masamune sword was a Katana, a Japanese longsword, of outstanding beauty and excellent quality. This is particularly remarkable because the steel available at that time was often of inhomogeneous composition. The katana was a symbol of the Togukawa shogun and was passed down from generation to generation. It has a value of over €720,000.

#4 Wreck of the Galleon San José

Value: €115 billion

The Wreck of the Galleon San José The wreck of the Galleon San José had more than 200 tons of gold, silver and emeralds on board. The treasures were on their way from Spanish Columbia in Latin America to the court of Spanish King Philip V in 1708, but they were never to arrive there. On the night of June 7, 1708, the ship and its treasures were sunk by the British fleet in the Caribbean Sea. Only a few of the 600 or so crew members survived.

The wreck is considered the most valuable treasure ever found and lies on the coast of the port city of Cartagena in Colombia.

#5 Temple Treasure of Jerusalem

Silver coins and golden relics

The Temple Treasury of Jerusalem is the repository of the riches of various wealthy families of Jerusalem. The treasure includes silver coins, gifts and votive offerings from the Mediterranean region, as well as cult objects such as the Golden Menorah and the Golden Desk.

#6 The Tsar's Gold

Value: €8.8 billion

The Tsar's gold played a role in Russia during World War I and was one of the largest gold hoards in the world. The treasure includes platinum and gold bars as well as gold coins and silver coins. It was stored in the western cities of Warsaw, Kiev and Riga. With the advance of the Central Powers, it was moved to Kazan and Novgorod. 500 tons of gold and 28 railroad cars with silver were transported to Kazan.

#7 28t Nazi Gold

Value: €5 billion

Nazi gold (looted gold) is said to be worth several billion euros and comprises 28 tons of pure gold. Looted gold (or Nazi gold) is the term used to describe valuables and assets illegally appropriated by the Nazis from private individuals and state institutions in Germany and occupied foreign countries during World War II.

The gold was allegedly buried in a well in Wroclaw as well as hidden in a 16th century palace. 28 tons of gold worth almost 1.5 billion euros were stored by the SS in a well and blown up.

#8 Spanish Silver Fleet

Silver and trade goods

The Spanish Silver Fleet was a merchant ship in the 17th century. The fleet transported goods to America, sometimes contained silver. It also carried yields from the Philippines and trade goods from East Asia, brought across the Pacific Ocean and then on land to the Atlantic.

#9 Templar Treasure

Value: €17 billion

The Treasure of the Templars was hidden by Templars in France in 1307 and kept secret until today. King Philip IV planned to destroy the Templar order to divide up the assets, consisting of gold coins, gold-decorated furniture and mortgage bonds. Not much of the treasure was recovered during the wave of arrests: Templar Jean de Châlon stated during interrogations in June 1308 that Hugues de Châlons and Gérard de Villers had taken the treasure of the French Grand Visitor, Hugues de Pairaud, away to the sea on October 12, 1307 (the evening before the wave of arrests) by Parisian Templars with 50 horses.

Today's evidence of specific hiding places points to places such as Rennes-le-Château (France), but also Rosslyn Chapel (Scotland) and the famous Money Pit on Oak Island (Nova Scotia, Canada).

#10 The Nibelung Treasure

144 barrows of gold and precious stones

According to legend, the Nibelung treasure is the treasure of King Nibelung, which Hagen obtained by killing Siegfried - at least that is how it is told in the Nibelungenlied, the first German heroic epic, which was written down by an unknown author in the 13th century. According to the legend, Hagen sank the treasure in the Rhine.

The treasure is said to include 144 barrows of gold and precious stones. It is said that the treasure can no longer be found in the Rhine because the course of the river has changed over the centuries. Nevertheless, the fascination with the treasure remains unbroken to this day. The treasure is believed to be near Worms, because this was the former seat of the Burgundians.

#11 Pirate Treasures on Cocos Island

Gold and Silver

No less than three treasures are believed to be on Cocos Island, one of them is the church treasure of Lima. The other two can be traced back to the pirates Benito Bonito and Edward Davies. There are said to be several hundred kilograms of gold and silver hidden there.

Cocos Island (Isla del Coco) is an uninhabited island of Costa Rica. It has since been designated as a nature reserve, putting a temporary end to all efforts by treasure hunters.

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