Treasure Hunting in Greece

12 يناير 2007
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During World War II, inhabitants buried all their treasures together with their belongings near to the village to preserve it from attacks and plunderings by enemies.

There are still lots of hidden chests, boxes and vases filled with gold coins, rings and other valuable treasures.

Forrest Fenn treasure hunt

Forrest Fenn Treasure

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27 ديسمبر 2021
Greek treasure hunters locate Guerilla Gold

Greek treasure hunters locate Guerilla Gold

Report about an amazing gold treasure from World War II in Greece.
01 اكتوبر 2006
Gold jewelry uncovered with OKM Evolution in 175 cm (5.75 ft) depth

Golden Jewelry Found with OKM Evolution in the Near East

A treasure hunter tells about his hobby of treasure hunting in the Near East and his first big find, which ...
25 اكتوبر 2022
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