Unexpected discovery in Saudi Arabia

24 اكتوبر 2007

A customer from Saudi Arabia informed us about his beautiful discovery. The treasure has been located by the metal detecting instrument eXp 3000 - the former model of eXp 4000. The treasure seeker informed us about the following discoveries, which has been made: a gold statue, a Nofretete statue and a Pharao statue. There are still lots of hidden treasures which wait to be discovered in Saudi Arabia and other Middle East countries.

Nofretete statue: Nofretete Statue
(Length = 11 cm / Width = 6 cm / Weight = 0.5 kg)
Gold statue: Golden Statue
(Length = 6.5 cm / Width = 3 cm)
Pharao statue: Pharao Statue
(Length = 17.5 cm / Width = 6 cm / Weight = 250 g)

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