Bottles and spanish silver coins found in Suriname

16 يونيو 2009

Mr. L. C., a treasure seeker from the US has made a fascinating and surprising discovery with his treasure hunting instrument and bottle detector eXp 4000 while bottle detecting along the coast of Suriname. He and his partners have excavated various old bottles and also a Spanish sword along with Spanish silver coins. The 3d ground scanner eXp 4000 is just one of the OKM instruments which can be used for bottle detection.

Pirate glass bottles: Dutch rum bottles, onion bottles and wine bottles which were designated for dutch colonies.

The lucky finder about his treasure hunt:

Within the first week of using the eXp 4000 we found over $10000 in bottles and other artifacts along the coast of Republiek Suriname. We found a Spanish sword dating from 1620 wrapped in dried leather with silver Spanish coins just this Saturday. We found 118 onion bottles in one area the first day of using the eXp 4000! It was overwhelming even insane that this thing works so well. We are still excavating the spot which is on private property.

Thank you for an excellent machine it makes treasure hunting easier than ever!

We found so many bottles with it now we ran out of room where to put them for safe keeping our kitchen cabinets are filled along with our front room. To date we found 218 bottles not including around 300+ broken ones we left. They all date from around 1620-1715. Thank you for creating this master piece!

Bottle find Suriname
Bottles found in Suriname: The bottles have been found 50 to 80 cm depth.
Bottles over bottles: Just some of the located bottles dated to 1620-1715.
Bottle Stock
Bottle Stock: The small team of bottle hunters excavated more than 200 bottles.

The treasure findings are probably from an old pirate camp site or pirate outpost. The treasure site was not visible in the first place and hidden in a cove about 150 meters from the coast, so it maybe was a secret camp site. There were signs of charred wood and also rocks who surrounded ancient fire places. Next to the fire places there were cut and chopped animal bones. At this site the old Spanish sword dating from 1640s/1690s has been excavated along with various Spanish real silver coins. The coins were from the 1620s/1650s. The sword was wrapped in dried leather and is in well condition.

One of the Spanish silver coins which has been detected with eXp 4000.
The silver coins were given to the state museum for detailed analysis.

During the excavations the team was much excited. There were these beautiful bottles everywhere around along with other artifacts. The bottles were aprox. 50 to 80 cm under ground. The ancient bottles are Dutch rums, onion bottles and wines which were designated for dutch colonies. The latest bottle found in the campsite was approx. from 1710 and the earliest was from the 1620. During the bottle excavation they found about 20 onion bottles with seals on them. The seals were done to show the owners of the bottle or the designation like a family crest or a colony. Bottles with seals have a much higher value than regular bottles.

The Spanish sword is dated on the year 1620 and was wrapped in dried leather while lying under the ground.
The handle of the sword as well as the blade are very well preserved.

The detected Spanish coins are now in the state museum for a check, if there exist similiar coins. After this check the precious coins will be given back to the finder.

"Thank you again for a wonderful piece of equipment it makes treasure hunting simple."

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