VLF Emitter (2003-2007)

31 ديسمبر 2007
We don´t manufacture this product anymore, view our other products.

VLF is the acronym of Very Low Frequency – and refers to low wave frequency range. Usual VLF (Emitter) devices use a frequency in this range to send an alternating magnetic field into the ground, which can be disturbed by a metallic target. This interruption of the magnetic field can be analyzed in detail and thus allows conclusions on underground targets.

Advantages of the use of VLF Emitter with FS Future Series

VLF emitters are optional components which can be used to optimize a measurement with FS Future Series devices. VLF emitters send out very low frequencies to reinforce the magnetic field. As a result, amplification anomalies of the underground like metallic targets (gold, silver, copper etc.) are more visible.

OKM Visualizer 3D picture without the VLF emitter
3D images without VLF Emitter: The figure on the left side shows a located metallic target without using VLF emitters. The structure of the object is destroyed and not very accurate.
OKM Visualizer 3D picture with VLF emitter
3D image with VLF Emitter: The figure on the right side shows the same measurement while using VLF emitters. The shape of the located target looks much clearer, also the background is straightened.

The 3D image of the underground becomes more clearly in contrast to detections without the use of VLF emitters. Thus, shapes and structures of buried metals are easier to recognise.

Application of VLF emitters

  1. One set of VLF emitters consists of 4 units which are placed on the ground, in all four corners of your measurement area.
  2. Remove the antenna of each VLF emitter and place it on the ground in a distance of approximately 50 cm (1,6 ft) from the main unit.
  3. Adjust each emitter to the current ground conditions and switch it on.
  4. Now measure the target area with a FS Future Series device in operating mode Ground Scan as usual.
We don´t manufacture this product anymore, view our other products.

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