Power Tank (1999-2010)

01 مايو 2010
This product has been updated. View the current product version: OKM Power Pack

The Power Tank is used to provide the necessary power for most of geophysical instruments and metal detectors by OKM. With this external power supply detectorists are able to extend the operating time for treasure hunting.

One external power supply is included in the standard scope of delivery of selected detectors. The additional power supply Power Tank can be purchased optionally to extend the operating time of the metal detector.

The following instruments are operated with an external power supply:

  • Localizer 3000
  • eXp 4000
  • eXp 4500
  • eXp 5000
  • eXp 6000
  • Rover C4
  • Rover Deluxe
  • Rover C II
  • Rover C
  • Cavefinder
  • Waterfinder
  • Grailfinder

Advantages of the additional external power supply

With one fully charged power supply, detector users can work about 3 to 4 hours. By using an additional power supply, the user can extend the time of prospecting for another 3 to 4 hours.

This can be useful if searchers work in areas without any electricity in the nature (where most archeological sites and treasure hunting areas are situated) and do not have the possibility to recharge the battery.

An additional fully charged external battery is a must for all professional prospectors who are working a long time and do not want to stop detecting because of an empty battery.

Power Tank Features

  • Maintenance-free rechargeable lead battery, 7 Ah, 12 V DC
  • Outputs: 4.5 V, 6 V, 9 V with 1 A max. each, 12 V with 10 A max. (Battery of eXp 4000, eXp 5000, Localizer 3000 provides 15 V)
  • Operating Time: approx. 3 to 4 h (depending on the connected metal detector)
  • incl. 12 V charger and connecting cable for metal detector
  • Dimensions (B x H x D): 250 x 201 x 288 mm
  • Weight: 2900 g

This product has been updated. View the current product version: OKM Power Pack
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