FS-Reflexion (2008-2014)

24 فبراير 2014
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FS-Reflexion is a geophysical measuring instrument using the methods of seismics to locate subterranean voids and cavities like caves, bunkers, tunnels or basement vaults. During the active measurement procedure, vibrations will be generated and transmitted into the ground. As a result, reflexions, travel time and vibrations can be recorded. According to the soil conditions the measured data give clues to hidden objects.

FS-Reflexion is a geophysical measuring instrument to locate subterranean voids like caves, bunkers, tunnels or basement vaults. FS-Reflexion works with a seismic vibration system. A transmitter generates vibrations going into the ground. Depending on the type of soil these will be transmitted or damped. If a void exists, it will start to resonate in its own frequency and can be detected by a seismic vibration transducer. FS-Reflexion can be used on all kinds of underground, e.g. stones, loam or clay soil, in the mountains or in flat country.

FS-Reflexion operating modes

FS-Reflexion data analysis

The recorded measurement values can be analyzed via the frequency-energy-graph. In this diagram a high amplitude at specific frequencies indicates existing subterranean voids. Additionally, it is possible to summarize all measurement values to a 3D representation, so that they can be analysed in the professional software Visualizer 3D. In that way, voids cannot only be represented visually, but also their size can be determined.

OKM Software Visualizer 3D
FS-Reflexion data analysis: Representation of measured values in the frequency-energy-chart
OKM 3D Analysis picture
FS-Reflexion data analysis in Visualizer 3D: Representation of a cavity via professional software Visualizer 3D
This product has been updated. View the current OKM Cavity Detectors

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