Local TV reports: Treasure Hunters from all over the World buy in Altenburg

20 سبتمبر 2022
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In this short report, the MDR Thueringen Journal reveals exclusive insights into everyday life at OKM Germany. Not only do development and sales teams work at the headquarters in Altenburg, but the production facilities for the innovative metal detectors are also located here. Every detail is manufactured by hand in the golden pyramid and subjected to several quality tests on the adjacent test field.

Have you always wanted to find treasure? In terms of equipment, you will find it in Thuringia. The metal detectors and 3D ground scanners are bought by professionals from all over the world in Altenburg - in a headquarters that somehow resembles its purpose.

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MDR visits OKM Germany

MDR visits OKM Germany

The metal detectors of OKM are widely used by treasure hunters and archeologists.
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