10 reasons to buy a metal detector from OKM Germany

17 يوليو 2019

What special features do metal detectors by OKM offer? Why should I buy a metal detector from OKM? These 10 reasons bring the advantages of buying a detector from OKM in Germany to the point:


1. Extraordinary technology

The metal detectors include unique technologies at the state of the art and beyond. All our high-quality products are manufactured with the appropriate care exclusively in Germany. Learn more about development and production of metal detectors by OKM.


2. Best performance and optimized functionality

The geophysical measuring instruments are deep-reaching metal detectors with the possibility to find gold, silver and other precious metals. Meteorites, burial chambers, tunnels, crypts, caves and other underground anomalies can also be detected. By using the geophysical instruments, objects can sometimes be located even deeper than with conventional metal detectors. Our instruments are able to produce three-dimensional images of the subsurface in which anomalies and buried objects are made visible. It is even possible to determine the depth, position and size of hidden objects.


3. Worldwide secured shipping

OKM offers worldwide shipping to almost every country in the world. We always ship our goods with international transport companies including insurance. Immediately after your goods have been shipped, you will receive a tracking id with which you can interactively track the status of your shipment at any time.


4. Approved and certified equipment

The technology of geophysical measuring instruments and metal detectors has been intensively tested and certified by one of the leading German experts. Great treasure finds and discoveries in different countries prove the functionality and performance of OKM products.


5. Expert support

OKM is known for its well-trained specialists and the technical support they provide. The correct use of our products is crucial for the successful location of treasures, metals or cavities. In case of difficulties or questions regarding the use of our metal detectors, the performance of measurements, the analysis and evaluation of 3D graphics, the determination of depth and position of metal objects or the metal discrimination between iron, gold, silver and aluminium, please contact our support team for fast and uncomplicated assistance. We provide help via e-mail, phone, online chat or contact form.


6. Training options

Even though the use of our metal detectors is very simple and the measuring instruments are delivered with a detailed manual, you can participate in a detector training at our headquarters. We offer you an outdoor area to test the functionality of our instruments under real conditions, as well as a conference room for further presentations and graphic analyses on the computer. Our training instructors answer any question you may have and provide practical instructions on your equipment. Thus you get the optimal conditions for a successful search and are prepared to find your own treasures. You are always welcome: Please arrange an appointment for your individual detector training in advance.


7. Guarantee and warranty

OKM provides a 2 years warranty for all delivered goods. Within this regular warranty period all repairs are free of charge. After the expiration of the warranty period, you will receive an estimate of repair costs. The label stickers on each side of the device are warranty seals, and indicate that the device has not been opened. Any break, removal or damage to that seal terminates the factory warranty agreement.


8. Global distributor network

Thanks to our network of global distributors, we reach customers worldwide. We offer service, technical support, training and educational opportunities, demonstrations and information in many different languages. Find local dealers and service partners »


9. Satisfaction guarantee

We promise to do our best to keep all OKM customers satisfied. If by any reason your metal detector does not what you expect, please contact us and we can find a way to solve any problem.


10. Find treasures with OKM

We do not only sell detectors, we also offer the best after-sales-service, assist you in using your device correctly and analyze your measurement results. Furthermore, we offer our professional advice and knowledge of treasure hunting in various countries and support you to finally make your dream come true to successfully locate treasures.
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