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Rover C II / New Edition

Ground scan detector for caves, tombs and metalsPrice Inquiry

Discover our new and advanced Rover C2 ground scan metal and cavity detector with new features:

  • new powerful battery with quick charge
  • wireless headphones
  • integrated light for convenient night search

All of our metal detectors and geophysical detecting instruments are part of the “FS – Future Series”, a line of our latest technology to detect buried objects and underground structures. Beside the measuring instruments it includes our 3D Software which assures a detailed analysis of the measured results.


The new Rover C II, an advancement of Rover C, is based on an electromagnetic pulse method which can be used to select anomalies in the target area. It also includes a geo-electrical measuring method to detect all kind of cavities. Here some examples of objects and structures which can be detected:

  • boxes and chests
  • gold and silver objects
  • grave chambers, sarcophaguses and tombs
  • bunker, galleries, caves and tunnels

As a combination of two devices the Rover C II offers a graphical ground scan and a geo-electrical measurement. In combination with the professional software Visualizer 3D and the included Super Sensor there are graphical measurements in high resolution possible, which offer valuable clues to the depth and size of located objects. Because of the integrated microprocessor technology ground balance, depth measurement and data storage will be performed automatically by the device. The evaluation of the measured data takes place at the computer where the scanned area can be analysed in a three-dimensional graphic with the help of the 3D-Software.

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