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Geoelectrical Detector Cavefinder

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The Cavefinder is a geoelectrical detecting instrument for easy and fast localization of underground structures like cavities, caves and arches. The detection of tombs, grave chambers, tunnels and hidden treasure chambers is done automatically after starting the measuring process on the main unit itself. Due to the integrated data analysis of the detection instrument, the measure result will be indicated immediately on the display of the Cavefinder. The Cavefinder is only made to detect geological nonmetallic ground anomalies like for example:

  • Tombs, burial sites and grave chambers
  • Caves and tunnels
  • Non-metallic targets like container, barrels and suchlike

The Cavefinder comes with 4 conductive electrodes, which should placed inside the ground defining a square area. Because of the 20m long cables of each electrode, which is connected to the measure instrument, a maximal scan area of about 800 square meters can be defined in one single measurement. During the measurement with the cave detector Cavefinder, several resistance measurements are executed, to finally draw conclusions to existing voids. The analysis of the measured results can be easily done on the field after a short measuring time and the scans can be repeated as often as necessary. The Cavefinder includes the following functionality:

  • Automatic measurement with simple “Yes/No” evaluation
  • Graphical control output to a computer (only with version B)

For maximum utilization of the operating time of the Cavefinder to locate hidden voids underground it is delivered with a high performing external power supply, the (Power Tank). Because of its less weight the device can be utilized in nearly all terrains for detecting cavities. The Cavefinder is available eighter as Version A with simple display analysis or as Version B with additional bluetooth data transfer and graphical analysis of the measured results on a computer in the Visualizer 3D software program.

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