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Earth Imager eXp 4000

Price Inquiry The Earth Imagers are the stars of our “FS – Future Serie”. They can represent graphical measuring results without using any additional computer. The large number of optional accessories makes them our most individually adaptable devices. Every customer can purchase only that what he needs for his purposes. You may find additional information on our special website www.exp4000.com.

  View of main unit with screen

The eXp 4000 is the successor of the eXp 3000. Advanced technology allows measurements in brillant resolutions. The handling is absolutely easy and possible without the need of a laptop. The measurement unit of the eXp 4000 includes a pc-module which calculates the data to be displayed immediately on the color screen. All measured data will be stored in the internal 128 MB memory and can be transfered to a normal computer to evaluate and determine depth, size and position of targets with our professional software Visualizer 3D. The eXp 4000 has many different functions especially for treasure hunters. So it has:

  • Distinction of metals ( gold, silver, iron )
  • Detection of cavities ( bunkers, tunnels, burial chambers, graves )
  • Intuitive menu navigation with voice output
  • Easy handling and compact equipment
  • No laptop is needed for working

To ease the work with eXp 4000 and the subsequently image evaluation the following functionality was integrated:

  • Automatic display of object differentiation
  • Automatic signal stabilization during measurement
  • Automatic antenna identification
  • Pre-filtration of potential mineral structures

The comprehensive equipment of the eXp 4000 is only one point that makes it a unique treasure hunting unit. Every single probe was optimized for its own purpose. So you can work with the following antennas:

  • GPR-Antenna ( 25cm, 50cm, 75cm, 100cm )
  • Antenna for metal discrimination ( DDV-System )
  • Antenna for tunnel detection
  • Super Sensor for high resolution ground scans

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