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OKM Detectors

We are subsidiary and authorized distributor of OKM’s 3d metal detectors, ground scanners, long range gold detectors and treasure detectors. We offer our detectors for all treasure hunters, archaeologists as well as many other users worldwide. There are also some additional metal detector accessories available for many of our detectors. If you have any questions concerning our metal detectors and 3d ground scanners or if you need more information about our products and services please contact us.

3D Ground Navigator

3D Ground Navigator New detector!

The 3D Ground Navigator is made for treasure hunters, archaeologists and gold seekers. You will use this detector to find lost treasures, hidden artifacts, buried gold and silver as well as many other underground objects.

GeoSeeker Mini

GeoSeeker Mini New detector!

GeoSeeker Mini is used to detect underground water resources (fresh water, drinking water) as well as hidden cavities (tunnels, caves, vaults).

OKM Fusion

Fusion New detector!

OKM Fusion is a redesigned and improved version of our 20th Anniversary Edition Future 2018. This metal detector and 3d ground scanner has been designed for starters in the field of 3d measurements and offers easy operation as well as advanced ground scanning features with proven and tested German OKM Detection Technology. The OKM Fusion is available in two different models and assists treasure hunters, gold seekers and archaeologists to discover lost treasures, buried artifacts and other historical items.

OKM Evolution NTX

Evolution NTX New detector!

Continuous development of its predecessor model OKM Evolution, which has been a very successful gold and metal detector already, the all new OKM Evolution NTX is the next generation of a strong and powerful 3D ground scanner with included metal detector. All at a very attractive price.

Future 2018

Future 2018

A very special 3D scanner for OKM’s 20th anniversary has been released – the new OKM Future 2018. This extraordinary ground scanner is the perfect detector for each and everyone who would like to start detecting precious metals such as gold, silver and many more.

OKM Rover C4

This is the perfect combination of OKM Rover Gold, OKM Rover C and OKM Rover CII. All in one unit. More depth. Better signals. More Gold.

Gold Labor Au 79

Gold Labor Au 79 is a supportive tool for all gold seekers, prospectors and miners to determine the gold content of placers and minerals as well as soil samples in general.


eXp 6000 – The best gold detector

The eXp 6000 is the top of the line 3d ground scanner from OKM’s famous Future Series, a collection of powerful metal detectors to locate underground treasures and artifacts.

Ground Penetrating Radard - Gepard GPR

Gepard GPR 3D

The Gepard ground penetrating radar (GPR) uses an unshielded transmission system to detect underground structures and hidden objects like pipelines, cable harnesses, septic tanks, tunnels and the like.



The GeoSeeker is a professional geoelectrical water and cavity detector that measures the ground resistivity and visualizes its scan data in incredible 3d graphics.

 Metal detector eXp 4500

3D Ground Scanner eXp 4500

A unique multi-function, sub-surface imaging detector and ground scanner. Perfect to locate buried items, ancient artefacts, lost treasures and even naturally occurring mineralization like gold and silver at depths well beyond that of a normal metal detector.

Black Hawk metal detector

Black Hawk R3

The Black Hawk metal detector is designed for treasure hunters and gold prospectors to find small valuable objects like gold nuggets, rings and coins.

Metal detector eXp 5000

3D Ground Scanner eXp 5000

Because of the video eyeglasses, several probes, GPS and live-stream it is an all inclusive package for ultimate treasure hunters.

 Metal detector eXp 4000

3D Ground Scanner eXp 4000

Because of the usage of an advanced technology it’s the Mercedes under the earth imaging instruments.

 Metal Detector Rover UC

Metal Detector Rover UC

The Rover UC undercover metal detector is controlled by a Android smart phone with full 3D graphics and metal discrimination.

 Gold detector Rover Gold

Gold detector “Rover Gold”

The Rover Gold is a gold detector for professional gold seekers, prospectors and miners to find underground mineral deposits like gold, silver or iron ore.

 Metal Detector Rover C

Metal Detector Rover C

Our standard device for locating all metals, ores, meteorites and voids.

 Metal Detector Rover C II

Metal Detector Rover C II

This combined device of the Rover C and the Cavefinder looks for low laying metals and caves.

 Metal Detector Rover Deluxe

Metal Detector Rover Deluxe

This is the optimal device for searching for gold and silver. This is also suitable for mineralized soils and is particularly popular with prospectors and gold seekers.

 Metal Detector Evolution

Metal Detector Evolution

A very small metal detector with touch-screen and wireless telescopic probe.

 Bionic X4 long range gold detector

Bionic X4 Long Range Gold Detector

The Bionic X4 gold detector is a long range gold detector to find gold artifacts at far distances. Enjoy visual detection via Android Smart Phone.

 Gold long range detector Bionic 01

Long Range Detector Bionic 01

With the long range system you can find deep buried gold and silver up to large distances.

 Gold long range detector Bionic Alpha

Long Range Detector Bionic Alpha

With this long range system you can find gold and silver in short distances.

 Geoelectrical Detector Cavefinder

Cavity Detector Cavefinder

Compact device which is suitable for the location of voids.

 Geoelectrical Detector Waterfinder

Water Detector Waterfinder

Compact geoelectrical equipment to detect water deposits.

 Pipe and Cable Locator Future I-160

Metal Detector Future I-160

Related to the Future 2005 but with quad resolution for superior graphics. Also adequate for industrial tasks.

 Seismic Detector FS-Reflexion

Seismic Detector FS-Reflexion

Seismic vibration system to detect hidden cavities, e.g. bunker, tunnel and caves.



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