Future I-160

We don’t manufacture this product anymore. We recommend eXp 6000 Professional as replacement.

Future I-160 is a high-resolution metal detector and ground scanner that provides a detailed analysis of the measured results in 3D. It conteins 16 elliptical area multipoint sensors (EAMS) with a resolution of 0,015 uT and a sampling rate of 50 Hz. This very unique multi-sensor array is able to reflect scanned ground data in a graphical representation within the Visualizer 3D software. Thus, the device is able to detect different structures and natural features of the ground:

  • metal canisters, tanks, boxes
  • voids, backfillings, grave chambers, caves and tombs
  • steel pipes and water conduits
  • water deposits
Pipe detection with Future I-160: The Future I-160 metal detector detects steel pipelines, water pipes, storm drains and gas pipes

Categorization within product range

The Future I-160 metal detector is a professional measuring instrument with a very high resolution antenna of 50 cm width. Compared to the Future 2005 with its 100 cm antenna, the Future I-160 has a four-times higher density of measured data. Compared to the Earth Imagers with 16-times lower resolution, the device is most suitable for the professional archeological and industrial use. This fact is reflected also in the graphical representation generated by the software Visualizer 3D.

Determination of the size and depth of objects

Detailed graphics are the basis for an exact determination of the size and depth of objects. Because of the compact form of the antenna the device is not only usable for the measurement in even ground conditions. Besides the usual graphical representation, the device provides two more particularities. On the one hand it makes buried object immediately visible with the horizontal live picture, on the other hand a typified ultrasound scan can be created with the vertical antenna.

Application of Future I-160: The Future I-160 metal detector is used to locate underground utilities and get measurement results immediately.

Functionalities of the Future I-160

  • magnetometer with acoustic feedback
  • high resolution ground scans in 3D
  • live picture with horizontal ground scan antenna
  • live picture with vertical pin pointing antenna
  • graphical analysis on a computer

Thanks to the integrated microprocessor technology, ground balance, depth measurement and data storage is performed automatically by the Future I-160 metal detector. The measured data can be analyzed on the computer screen via three-dimensional images that are generated by the included Visualizer 3D software.

We don’t manufacture this product anymore. We recommend eXp 6000 Professional as replacement.