Fusion Professional Plus

The version Fusion Professional Plus is perfect for advanced users who need more operating features.

Operating the OKM Fusion metal detector

The advanced professional plus version can be used in vertical and horizontal orientation and supports following operating modes:

  • Ground Scan
    Conduct a graphical 3d measurement for detailed analysis on a computer.
  • Live Sound
    Process an acoustical magnetic field measurement to detect ferrous metals.
  • Live Scan (Multi-Sensor, Ultrasound)
    Process an instant live image while walking the scan field.
OKM Fusion Professional Plus
OKM Fusion Professional Plus: The Professional Plus version of OKM Fusion can be used in vertical (Live Sound, Ground Scan, Live Scan) and horizontal (Ground Scan, Live Scan) orientation.

Utilizing the SRIS search coil to locate shallow metals

One of the new detection features is the SRIS search coil that can be used to locate short range metallic objects. This coil can be activated individually by the operator while setting up the operating modes Live Sound, Ground Scan and Live Scan (Ultrasound).

The SRIS search coil can be very useful to pin point targets while digging. It is easy to detect the general position of a buried object with the OKM 3D ground scanner and metal detector OKM Fusion.

OKM Fusion with SRIS search coil
OKM Fusion with SRIS search coil: Mounted at the end of OKM's Fusion is the SRIS search coil, that can be used as pin pointer for small shallow targets.

When you start digging it can be really hard to exactly match the correct spots of hidden items afterwards. By checking the excavated material with activated SRIS search coil you won’t miss any small object like:

  • wedding bands and engagement rings
  • ear rings, brooches, bracelets and necklace
  • coins, buttons, badges and pins

3D Visualization of underground treasures

While scanning an unknown area and recording the measure values, the Visualizer 3D Software can immediately analyze and visualize this information to display a color-coded 3d graphic of hidden objects and structures. Thus you will literally “see” all buried treasures, gold objects, archaeological artifacts and any other hidden objects before digging.

Additionally you can determine the size, position and depth of your detected items. So you know where to dig and how deep to dig to find your objects of interest.

3D Ground Scan
3D Ground Scan: With a 3d ground scan you will conduct a complete measurement and scan a specific area to see buried objects.
Live Scan (Ultrasound)
Live Scan (Ultrasound): In this special view of the Live Scan operating mode you are able to see a symbolized ultrasound image of hidden objects.

The OKM Fusion metal detector and 3D ground scanner is available in two versions: Professional (without telescopic rod assembly) and Professional Plus (all accessories and complete functionality).