Fusion Light

Small scope of delivery that has it all: Fusion Light, the lightweight among the metal detectors and ground scanners, comprises the compact control unit with integrated sensors and is controlled via Android App. The operating modes Magnetometer and 3D Ground Scan are essential for successful treasure hunters. The measurement results are visualized graphically with the Android App directly on the Smartphone and can be further analyzed via Visualizer 3D software on the Windows notebook.

Detect and analyze anomalies with 3D ground scan

The 3D Ground Scan operating mode helps treasure hunters, military seekers and historians track down underground cavities and artifacts. Potential finds and discoveries can are displayed on the Android smartphone via OKM Fusion Light App and can be saved for further analysis. Treasure hunters get a more accurate 3D image by transferring the scan data to the notebook PC and analyze these with the software Visualizer 3D.

3D representation of the measurement data with OKM software Visualizer 3D

Thanks to the Visualizer 3D software the measurement data of the 3D ground scan can be displayed in a detailed 3D graphic on the PC. After successful transfer of the stored scan data to the PC, treasure hunters can determine the position, size and depth of the found treasures even more precisely.

Fusion Light with Visualizer 3D: An accurate 3D analysis of the measurement data is provided by the OKM Visualizer 3D software.

Detecting objects with Magnetometer

With the scan function magnetometer the magnetic field of the earth can be measured. Anomalies in the magnetic field indicate potential finds. In this way, artifacts buried for a long time such as treasure chests, old ammunition and other ferrous objects can be detected.

Fusion Light App Magnetometer: With the magnetometer, treasure hunters reliably detect buried artifacts and metal objects.