Evolution NTX

3D Metal Detector for Treasure Hunters and Gold Seekers

The successor of Evolution, Evolution NTX, is more compact and comes with improved features like rechargeable internal batteries, easier usability and more powerful sensor and coil technology.

Improved Usability

Based on our experiences as well as suggestions of many OKM users the new model has been improved and optimized in various aspects:

  • Long-lasting and rechargeable batteries
  • Color touchscreen with higher resolution
  • Integration of Bluetooth headphones
  • More compact and robust design
  • Improved sensor and coil technology

Full color display with touchscreen and multilingual user interface allow an easier usability and setup of the metal detector Evolution NTX. The brightness of the screen can be adjusted individually.

Color touchscreen of Evolution NTX
Evolution NTX with color touchscreen: All functions and operating modes are selected via touchscreen. Intuitive menu navigation allows easy operation of the OKM Evolution NTX.

VLF Metal Detector

The combination of our sensor technology with a VLF search coil allows to detect not only near-surface metals, but also deeply buried artifacts and treasure objects.

Telescopic search coil of metal detector OKM Evolution NTX
OKM Evolution NTX with telescopic search coil: The length of the metal detector Evolution NTX can be adjusted to the individual body height of its user.

Ground Scan and Metal Detection

The 3D ground scanner Evolution NTX supports two operating modes to research the underground soils for hidden objects and structures. The length of the detector can be adjusted individually according to your own body height. Thus you can make this metal detector your metal detector.

Starting at the main menu you simply select one of the operating modes:

  • Live Sound
    This operating mode activates the VLF metal detector to find shallow metal objects like coins, rings and other jewelry. Next to an acoustical output you can also see a simple graphical indication of the signals.
  • 3D Scan
    This operating mode is used to conduct graphical 3D ground scans. All scan data is stored into the device’s memory. Those information can be transferred to the Visualizer 3D Software to generate graphical 3D images of underground objects and structures.
OKM Evolution NTX - Screenshot of Live Sound operating mode
OKM Evolution NTX - Live Sound: The operating mode Live Sound activates the integrated VLF metal detector to find shallow metal objects under the ground surface.
OKM Evolution NTX - Screenshot of operating mode 3D Scan
OKM Evolution NTX - 3D Scan: The operating mode 3D Scan is used to conduct graphical 3d ground scans to find very deep treasures. You can also determine depth and size of detected objects.

3D images via Visualizer 3D Software

The metal detector and 3D ground scanner Evolution NTX can be used by treasure hunters, gold seekers, metal detectorists and archaeologists.

With the 3D scan function and the software Visualizer 3D you can create a 3D graphic of the underground and find buried coins, rings, jewellery and similar treasure objects and artefacts. Especially metallic objects can be detected successfully. Buried objects are indicated by different colors in a graphical 3D representation.