Gold hunting with Bionic X4

Bionic X4

Detection methods for gold hunting

The Bionic X4 long-range gold detector supports two different detection methods to locate hidden gold treasures:

  • Ionic Detection Method (Ions-Chamber-System)
  • Bionic Detection Method (Bio-Energy-System)
Bionic X4 detection methods
Bionic X4 detection methods: The long range gold detector provides an ionic and a bionic detection method in order to find either long time buried gold artifacts or recently buried gold as well as gold artifacts that are not buried.

  • Ionic Detection Method (Ions-Chamber-System)
    The Ionic Detection Method measures the ions radiation (ions absorbent) of buried gold objects. This detection method is only able to locate long time buried gold artifacts.
  • Bionic Detection Method (Bio-Energy-System)
    During the detection of gold the Bionic Detection Method interacts with the Bio-Energy of the operator’s body to analyze minimum changes of object substances. Thereby the Bionic X4 gold detector is able to locate almost all gold objects. Independent of the age of the gold, the Bio-Energy-System can be used to find freshly buried gold, long time buried gold as well as golden artifacts that are not buried.

Typical applications of gold hunting

Due to the dual scan methods the Bionic X4 gold detector is usable for many tasks like gold prospecting. The main applications of this gold long-range detector are:

Detection of buried gold, i.e. gold jewelry, gold statues, gold rings, gold coins or gold bars (gold bullions)

The Bionic X4 gold detector works not only in dry grounds, it is also suitable for humid places, wet soils and can be used after rainy days without any limitations.

The long-range detector reaches best performances in sparsely populated areas. Since the Bionic X4 is very sensitive to changes of the ionic and bionic fields, the accuracy increases greatly in undisturbed or undeveloped areas.

Calibration of gold detector Bionic X4: The gold seeker first must calibrate his Bionic X4 gold long range detector onto gold before starting the gold treasure hunt.

Features and characteristics

Using the included Android Smartphone increases the Bionic X4 functionality and usability:

  • Digital compass for navigation (directional reference)
  • Optical fixation of detection direction
  • Visual focusing of targets
Directional reference
Bionic X4 Directional reference: Camera view of the Android Smart Phone with digital compass for navigation (directional reference).
Bionic X4 camera function
Bionic X4 camera function: The Android Smartphone with camera increases the functionality and usability of the Bionic X4 with visual detection of the scan direction.

The smartphone’s user interface and the OKM application is available in the following languages:

  • English
  • Français
  • Deutsch
  • Español
  • Italiano
  • Nederlands
  • Ελληνικά
  • Türkçe
  • Pусский
  • عربي
  • فارسی

On-site gold hunting with Bionic X4

The Bionic X4 gold long-range detector and all of our other long-range detectors are especially used for a fast research and prospecting, to explore areas where hidden gold treasures may be buried. It can be used for a first quick examination of an unknown terrain to find places of interest and buried gold treasures, so it is advisable for gold prospectors and treasure hunters who don’t have any clue where to start detecting. The gold prospector can easily and quickly get a general overview of large areas.

The Bionic X4 is especially designed for inaccessible areas where it is hardly possible to walk. Reasons can be accrued forests, rocky mountains or rock faces.

Gold hunting with Bionic X4
Gold hunting with Bionic X4: Bionic X4 can be used for a first quick examination of an unknown terrain to find places of interest and buried gold treasures.

The treasure hunter will use the Bionic X4 gold detector to scan the horizon and find a direction where a higher probability of hidden gold objects can be expected. As soon as the gold direction has been determined, the permanent acoustical signal of the detector will change and the detected direction can be fixed within the display of the Android Smartphone.

To find out the exact position of the gold you have to process a triangulation bearing with the Bionic X4 gold detector. Therefor you have to scan from at least two or more different directions and check if the detector is always responding to gold. As soon as you confirm two or more positive signals, the point of intersection from all directions marks your potential place of gold.

Bionic X4 Cross Bearing: The Bionic X4 uses Cross bearing to determine position of the gold treasure.

Bionic X4 and Rover UC savings package

Since the Bionic X4 long-range gold detector is not able to make any indications about depth and size of the buried gold objects, it is recommended to use another 3D ground scanner to conduct a detailed ground scan analysis. A very good choice is the Rover UC, which also uses the Android Smartphone as controller and field data analyzer.

By using the Bionic X4 you can locate the place where a high probability of gold may be buried under the ground and the Rover UC can detect the exact position and dependent on the ground conditions the depth and size of the gold artifacts or items of great value.