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Long Range Gold Detectors

Gold Detection

The long range gold detectors are used to locate buried gold artifacts at far distances. The Bionic detectors are designed for gold prospectors, gold seekers and treasure hunters who are looking for valuable objects like gold nuggets, gold jewelry, gold coins and other artifacts made of gold.

Long range gold detector Bionic X4

Long Range Gold Detector Bionic X4

The Bionic X4 gold detector is a long range detecting system to find gold from distance. Enjoy visual detection via Android Smart Phone.

Gold long range detector Bionic 01

Long Range Detector Bionic 01

With this gold long range system Bionic 01 you can find deep buried gold objects and gold treasures up to very large distances.

Gold long range detector Bionic Alpha

Long Range Detector Bionic Alpha

With this gold long range system Bionic Alpha you can find long time burried gold treasures in short distances.

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