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GeoSeeker Mini – Ground water detector

Nowadays ground water detection is an important task of life. There are many regions in the world where drinking water resources are rarely available. Therefor OKM developed the ground water detector GeoSeeker Mini, that can detect water resources up to 100 m.

Based on geoelectrical detection methods it can not only detect underground water but even cavities. “How is that possible?”, you might ask. Well, the detector is measuring the electrical resistivity of the soil. A high resistance indicates cavity, whereas low resistance indicates water deposits.

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The GeoSeeker Mini is controlled via integrated touchscreen. First you select the maximum depth penetration and the number of scan points. Then you simply follow the depicted instructions on the color screen to measure all necessary data. The soil’s resistivity is calculated by placing 4 electrodes into the ground surface. Two electrodes are used to induce electrical power into the underground while two different electrodes measure the fall of voltage.

Ground water detection with GeoSeeker Mini

If the soil’s resistivity is low (which means high conductivity) there is a great potential to drill for water. After the measurement is finished a 2d representation of the underground is calculated and shown at the display of the detector.

OKM GeoSeeker Mini, placing electrodes
2d scan of water deposit

With OKM’s ground water detector GeoSeeker you can locate following underground water resources:

  • fresh water, drinking water, ground water
  • water veins, water streams
  • water deposits

Cavity detection with GeoSeeker Mini

The location of underground cavity is very similar to water detection but this time you are interested in high resistivity (low conductivity) values. The cavity detector GeoSeeker Mini is built into a shock-resistant and waterproof Pelican case.

Underground cavities that can be detected with OKM GeoSeeker Mini are:

  • caves, rooms, shelters
  • tunnels, galleries and manholes
  • chambers, cellars, bunkers, vaults

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