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OKM Future 2018 – The latest 3D ground scanner and metal detector by OKM

A very special 3D scanner for OKM’s 20th anniversary has been released – the new OKM Future 2018. This extraordinary ground scanner is the perfect detector for each and everyone who would like to start detecting precious metals such as gold, silver and many more.

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Years of experience and success have led OKM to this new release to make it possible for everyone to own a metal detector Made in Germany.

Two very great features have been incorporated in this unique scanner:


Ground Scan

The Ground Scan is able to provide the operator with a detailed analysis of the scanned area in 3D view.

Live Sound

Live Sound will give an acoustic sound to locate ferrous (magnetic) objects in the soil.

Be rest assured that OKM Future 2018 is using the latest OKM technology.

Having everything in “one hand”, you will be able to navigate and control your gold detector directly from your tablet and use the pre-installed Visualizer 3D software. Easy to use and ready to go.


Do not miss your treasure anymore but start detecting. Visit our showroom to see for yourself.

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