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Gepard GPR 3D – Ground Penetrating Radar by OKM

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OKM’s Gepard GPR is a flexible, portable, powerful and one man operated ground penetrating radar to detect underground structures and anomalies. The detector utilizes an omnidirectional unshielded transmitting system to locate hidden items up to maximum depths of 40 meters. All recognized anomalies and underground objects are displayed immediately on screen of an Android Tablet PC.


Applications and detection capabilities

The ground penetrating radar is very versatile and can be used for many different applications. Its portability and easy handling makes the Gepard GPR a very unique measuring device for professional use in archeaology and industry as well as semi-professional use in the field of treasure hunting. No matter what kind of hidden objects you are looking for – as long as these items and structures aren’t too small and of different material than the surrounding soil – the Gepard GPR can assist you in finding those targets.


Made in Germany

Made in Germany


Wireless data transmission

Wireless data transmission

You may use OKM’s Gepard GPR as a portable unshielded ground penetrating radar that can be utilized for a wide range of applications like

  • Archaeological surveys
  • Industrial/Construction surveys
  • Treasure Hunting

The ground penetrating radar is able to detect objects and structures like

  • underground foundations, walls, basements and concrete reinforcements
  • hidden cavities, graves and sepulchers
  • buried drainage systems, feed lines, pipelines, conduits and cable harnesses
  • water level and underground rivers and aquifers
  • backfilled wells, galleries, trenches and dugouts
  • septic tanks, distribution boxes and drainage pipes
  • secret tunnels, bunkers and shelters
  • buried treasure chests, statues and caches



The OKM on-site trainer is operating the Gepard GPR in a gold mine in California, USA.

The OKM on-site trainer is operating the Gepard GPR in a gold mine in California, USA.
Gepard GPR used in desert

The Gepard ground penetrating radar with Android Tablet PC attached to it.

The Gepard ground penetrating radar with Android Tablet PC attached to it.

Radar scans of pipeline

Scanning capabilities of Gepard GPR

The Gepard ground penetrating radar is using a multiple transmission frequency range starting at 60 MHz up to 300 MHz which is realized by adjustable telescopic antennas. It furthermore supports many automatic adjustments to optimize your ground surveys on specific soil types, which makes the handling of the Gepard ground radar very easy. So a non-destructive field examination is easily possible.

You just set your depth resolution and start surveying. The ground penetrating radar sends a signal into the underground and awaits the echo which will be received by the antennas to indicate the disturbance in the underground. These reflections will be measured and transferred to a Tablet PC, where a graphical 2d or 3d representation will be shown.




Operating the ground penetrating radar

The ground penetrating radar is powered by 8 AA batteries or – alternatively – by an optional external Power Pack for long lasting measurements. The Gepard GPR itself has not many controls except one button and the depth regulator, which is used to adjust the maximum penetration depth of the ground penetrating radar.

Several antennas are available for the Gepard ground penetrating radar.

Several antennas are available for the Gepard ground penetrating radar.

2D/3D Software for Gepard GPR ground penetrating radar

The Gepard GPR ground penetrating radar manufactured by OKM in Germany is supported by a unique 3d software application runnable on Android Tablet PC’s. This software is used to conduct ground surveys whether in 2d or 3d. Additionally it offers functionality concerning filtering, coloring as well as measuring the location and the depth of underground objects and structures.

OKM’s multi-lingual Android application comes in the following languages:

  • English
  • Français
  • Deutsch
  • Español
  • Italiano
  • Polski
  • Nederlands
  • Ελληνικά
  • Türkçe
  • български
  • Pусский
  • 中文
  • 日本人
  • فارسی
  • عربي


2D measurements with Gepard GPR

The ground penetrating radar can be used to conduct simple 2d measurements of underground objects and structures like pipelines, tunnels, bunches of electrical cables, trenches, galleries and such. This scan capability is very useful to get a first quick view of the underground anomalies. After scanning in 2d you may want to create a more complex measurement in 3d as well. The graphical representation of a 2d survey is like a cross section throughout the underground and shows the reflections of buried objects.


3D measurements with Gepard GPR

The ground penetrating radar can also be used to conduct measurements in real 3d. In that way you may detect hidden foundations, cavities, bunkers, treasure caches, pipelines, tunnels, trenches as well as similar items and facilities. Due to the recorded data of 3d surveys you will be able to estimate the approximate dimension of a hidden object. Based on a higher volume of recorded data you get a much more precise view of sub-surface structures. The graphical representation of a 3d survey is like a volumetric view of the underground reflections of buried objects.


Filtering and coloring

Gepard GPR’s software application offers several filters and color schemas to improve the quality of your recorded data. By changing colors you may increase the contrast of your measured values to highlight certain reflections of your measurement. Some advanced filter options allow you to reduce noise and improve your data for further analysis.



GPS and Google Maps

The Android software application of the ground penetrating radar logs GPS data while recording. This will assist you in finding the location later on, even after a very long time between recording and data analysis. This feature can be turned off by disabling Android’s location services.





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