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eXp 6000 – 3d ground scanner & metal detector

The eXp 6000 is the top of the line 3d ground scanner from OKM’s famous Future Series, a collection of powerful metal detectors to locate underground treasures and artifacts.

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It works totally wireless with a multilingual user interface operated by a touch screen. It supports the world’s first telescopic probe, invented by OKM.


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Orientation Sensor (Gyroscope) Orientation Sensor

Each measuring probe is equipped with an orientation sensor to assist you in conducting scan images of high quality. This will help to keep your probe level to the ground.

Telescopic Probe Telescopic Probe

One of the unique OKM inventions is this measuring probe. The telescopic probe can be extended or shortened to different lengths to scan even large areas in short time.

GPS Navigation GPS Navigation

Treasure hunters who conduct many scans may enable the internal GPS tracker to log GPS coordinates along with the scan values. Thus they can easily find back to the measured area.

WiFi Data Transmission Wireless Technology

Easy handling without any cables by using wireless WiFi technology. All probes are transmitting data wireless to telescopic rod assembly and control unit.

LiveStream Sensor LiveStream

The LiveStream Sensor allows an immediate view into the underground soil and its hidden treasures. It is perfectly used in conjunction with Android video eye glasses.

Layout and Skins Layout Selection

The eXp 6000 control unit contains several layouts and color schemes to optimize the work under extreme light conditions like bright sunlight or dark night.

Multilingual Graphical User Interface Multilingual GUI

The eXp 6000 offers a graphical user interface (GUI) with many different languages to support best understanding to its operators. All menu elements and dialogs are translated into more than 12 languages.

Visualizer 3D Software Visualizer 3D

For detailed in-depth analyses of conducted ground scans, the eXp 6000 offers the option to transfer its data via USB stick to a computer with Visualizer 3D software.

Touch Screen Touch Screen

Next to a multi-function control knob the operator may use the built-in touch screen of the eXp 6000. Thus operating the ground scanner is simple and fast.

eXp 6000 ground scanner with control unit and telescopic probe
eXp6000 ground scanner with control unit and new invented telescopic probe

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