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Live-Stream Sensor

Live-Stream Sensor

The new livestream technology is a huge progress in the history of metal detection. Many years of hard work of OKM’s electronics engineers and team of specialists has been necessary to develop this unique technology and adapt its functionality to OKM’s professional metal detecting instruments. The Livestream sensor is especially interesting for all searchers who wants to see live what is situated under the ground. This high resolution antenna has the extraordinary functionality to produce a live image of the underground. Live image means that the user can see immediately what is hidden under the ground, straight under this sensor. While walking over an area the searcher will see a floating picture in the video eyeglasses of the eXp 5000, which shows all underground anomalies in real time, so you can see for example buried targets such as jewelry like gold, silver, bronze or copper targets, rings, coins, gold nuggets as well as chests, gold and silver bars or voids. Such a live scan works only together with the gold detector eXp 5000. The livestream sensor is included in the eXp 5000 pro package or can be ordered optionally to the eXp 5000 basic package. Another advantage is the scanning possibility in all directions. Whether from north, south, east or west, you will receive reliable results in all directions. In this working mode you do not have to keep a defined scan direction. You can walk forwards or backwards over your area, to the left or right. The livestream sensor is a 50 cm horizontal probe which is suitable for most search tasks and can be used in various ground conditions.

Representation of the livestream sensor of the gold detector eXp 5000 for metal detection

This figure represents the graphical representation of a live scan image that is visible in the video eyeglasses of eXp 5000.

Features and Characteristics

  • Creates a live image of the underground
  • Detects metals and voids
  • Only usable with gold detector eXp 5000
  • Scanning in all directions possible
  • Compact and easy usage
  • Light weight
  • Horizontal antenna (50 cm width)
  • 2 years limited warranty

The Live Stream Sensor is optional available for the following devices:

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