Rover C II New Edition

Metal detectors of the Rover Series like the Rover C II New Edition are not only simple metal detectors with audio output. Moreover, they are able to create excellent three-dimensional graphics of the scanned underground. Due to the approved Single-Sensor-Technology, those detectors are perfectly applicable for detecting hidden objects.

The production of the Rover C II was discontinued. We recommend the improved version Rover C4 as replacement.

  • Combination of geoelectricity and metal detection
    The Rover C II is specially interesting for archaeologists, cavity seekers and treasure hunters searching for tomb treasures and valuable antique objects.
  • New Edition with Super Sensor
    Besides the standard probe for 3D ground scanning, Rover C II offers an additional high resolution Super Sensor to determine depth and size of hidden objects.
  • 3D visualization with pre-installed software
    Rover C II provides 3D ground mapping to visualize the scanned terrain and its buried metals or voids.


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User’s manual1
Control unit1
3D Software (“Visualizer 3D”)1
Electrode with cable (20 m)4
Wireless headphones with batteries1
Control chip2
Power Pack with charger and travel adapter1
Super Sensor1
USB bluetooth dongle1
Waterproof and shock resistant Pelican case1
Windows Tablet PC1