eXp 4000

The eXp 4000 metal detector is by far the most successful geophysical instrument of all our 3D ground scanners.

This 3D metal detector is mainly used by treasure hunters and archaeologists who look for gold or hidden treasures in the underground. Many treasure finds worldwide prove that the eXp 4000 meets all requirements which are needed to be successful. By using the eXp 4000 ground scanner, many buried items can be located at depths beyond most other metal detectors.

We don’t manufacture this product anymore. We recommend the eXp 4500 Professional as replacement.

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 Basic Gold Professional
User’s manual111
Control unit111
3D software (“Visualizer 3D”) with data cable111
Telescopic rod assembly111
GPR-antenna (25 cm)111
Power Pack with charger and travel adapter121
Waterproof and shock resistant Pelican case112
DDV (Disc Detector Visualization System)11
GPR-antenna (100 cm)1
GPR-antenna (50 cm)1
GPR-antenna (75 cm)1
Sensor for tunnel detection1
Super Sensor11