We don’t manufacture this product anymore. We recommend the GeoSeeker Mini and GeoSeeker as replacement.

Waterfinder (water locator) is mainly used in dry areas and most-wanted in countries with water deficiency to search for ground water or new water resources. This measuring instrument allows to locate new water sources in various ground conditions. The water detector is most effective in sandy soils, desert areas, rocky grounds and in mountain areas.

Waterfinder with electrodes: Control unit of the water detector with connected electrodes
Waterfinder in the desert: The water detector Waterfinder is looking for hidden underground water deposits.

Geoelectrical measuring method

This water detection equipment is based on a geoelectric measuring method to locate water deposits in the ground. The geoelectrical measuring method is used to measure the ground resistivity and the different electrical conductivity of water deposits. So the water locator can recognize small variations in the underground structure of the measured area and can detect anomalies from the sourrounding soil. Such anomalies can be water deposits, ground water, humid places or accumulation of water in certain underground strata.

Easy-to-use water detector

The usage of the Waterfinder is practicable and very easy. There are 4 electrodes, which should be sticked into the ground to obtain a rectangular measuring area. The maximum size of the measured area can be up to approx. 800 square meters. These electrodes should than be connected to the main unit of the water locator in the middle of the field.

After switching on, the water locator will start automatically to measure the ground resistance between each electrode in a specific manner. The whole square area will be scanned and the procedure is full automatically. After a few seconds of scanning the measured result will be visible on the display of the water locator. After a short calculating time the device will indicate in percentage how much water exists in the measured area. This procedure can be repeated as much as wanted until a possible water source has been located.

We don’t manufacture this product anymore. We recommend the GeoSeeker Mini and GeoSeeker as replacement.