Super Sensor

Due to its integrated sensor technology it offers high resolution scans also in hard soils or mineralised areas. The Super Sensor is a 1 m vertical probe, which makes it very easy to work in areas with difficult access and uneven grounds.

Discrimination of metals in 3D

In addition, the Super Sensor (if used together with the software Visualizer 3D) has an integrated discrimination possibility to discriminate ferrous and nonferrous metals. No other metal detector can keep up with the Super Sensors depth penetration. A discrimination control prevents the user from digging out undesirable items like nails, cans or other trash.

Applications and Features

  • Detects metals and voids
  • High resolution scans
  • Specialized on detection of metallic targets
  • Discrimination of ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and cavities in combination with the software Visualizer 3D
  • Lightweight
  • Easy, comfortable handling

Optional Accessories

The Super Sensor is optional available for the following devices:

  • Localizer 3000
  • eXp 4000
  • eXp 4500
  • eXp 5000
  • eXp 6000
  • Rover C, NE
  • Rover C II, NE
  • Rover Deluxe
  • Grailfinder
  • Gems