About us

The perfect hub for customers in the Middle East

Metal detection is our business and we are proud to provide our services directly in the Middle East. We are able to support local archeologists and professional treasure hunters with our high quality products Made in Germany. But not only prospectors can use our geophysical measuring instruments. The metal detectors and ground scanners are also useful for military and industrial tasks like detection of tunnels and cavities, pipelines, metal targets and other anomalies deep in the ground. Moreover, the detection equipment allows to visualize hidden objects deep under the surface in graphical 3D representations where users can determine the position, size and depth of buried objects. We are looking forward to assisting you in selecting the devices that best suit your aims.

As a subsidiary of OKM GmbH (Germany), OKM Emirates has a direct connection to the manufacturer OKM GmbH in Germany. This allows to provide even faster support and to offer particularly interesting promotions for customers. OKM Emirates has every current device in stock, hence all detectors are immediately available.

The company OKM Emirates was founded in 2006 to offer direct service and faster support for customers in the Middle East and West Africa. Located close to Sharjah International Airport, the shop enjoys close trade links of the SAIF-Zone. Moreover, the administration departments which are essential for the fast shipment of detectors are located in the direct neighborhood. Thanks to these strategic advantages, the company is able to serve customers more efficiently and cost-effective.

OKM Emirates advises in German, English and Arabic and also provides service in Russian and Farsi via external partners.