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3D Ground Scanner & 3D Earth Imager for Treasure Hunting


All the following metal detectors and ground scanners are suitable to find gold objects under the ground. Some of the detectors are well suited for natural gold whereas others are most useful for the detection of buried artifacts and treasures.

Future 2018

Future 2018 New detector!

A very special 3D scanner for OKM’s 20th anniversary has been released – the new OKM Future 2018. This extraordinary ground scanner is the perfect detector for each and everyone who would like to start detecting precious metals such as gold, silver and many more.


eXp 6000 – The best gold detectorNew detector!

The eXp 6000 is the top of the line 3d ground scanner from OKM’s famous Future Series, a collection of powerful metal detectors to locate underground treasures and artifacts.

 Metal detector eXp 4500

3D Ground Scanner eXp 4500

A unique multi-function, sub-surface imaging detector and ground scanner. Perfect to locate buried items, ancient artifacts, lost treasures and even naturally occurring mineralization like gold and silver at depths well beyond that of a normal metal detector.


Metal detector eXp 5000

3D Ground Scanner eXp 5000

Equipped with video eyeglasses, several probes, GPS and live-stream it is an all inclusive ultimate package for professional dedicated treasure hunters.

Metal detector eXp 4000

3D Ground Scanner eXp 4000

The utilization of advanced technology makes it the Mercedes among the earth imaging instruments.

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